The Doors, June 1967

The Doors_ 1967

Just 2 months later they were back.  Locked in at a low rate, Vince Lavery had them back at the Legion.

Light My Fire had just gone #1 but they returned anyway.

Morrison was not so sober this time.

I can’t remember who the Kitchen Sink were, but I do remember my first and only try at introducing a band.

“Let’s all give a warm Merced welcome to The Doors.”

Hey Vince, how many people were there this time?


Poster by: James Louis Parber

Presented by VJ productions.


  1. my name is Kris Bowers, I am from Australia and I would like to say that I have got copy of this original concert poster of The Doors for June 8th 1967 and it is finally nice to see another 1 out there 🙂

  2. My name is Paul Forakis, I was a member of the Kitchen Sink, I was just sixteen years old when we opeded for the Doors. We went on to open for the Count 5,”Psychotic reaction” and the Grass roots, 9 gold albums. WE met the whole group. If any one is interested I’ll tell the story of that nite.

    1. Hey, Paul… I just stumbled on this Merced Music site. My name is Art Costa. Did you play bass for Kitchen Sink? At least I think I knew you as a stand-up with a folk group. Michael ! Thank you for this great site ! I actually attended the Doors concert at the skating rink in Modesto when the headliner was “Love” and then saw them again at the Turlock fairgrounds with “Infinity”, the lead singer being my good friend David Dickmeyer. Lots of leather that night, especially on Morrison. David and I were in a band we called “Grease”, as opposed to “Cream”, who we had just seen at the Fillmore, S.F. I now live in Vermont and play Celtic music in a vibrant New England contra dance scene.

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