The Doors, June 1967

The Doors_ 1967

Just 2 months later they were back.  Locked in at a low rate, Vince Lavery had them back at the Legion.

Light My Fire had just gone #1 but they returned anyway.

Morrison was not so sober this time.

I can’t remember who the Kitchen Sink were, but I do remember my first and only try at introducing a band.

“Let’s all give a warm Merced welcome to The Doors.”

Hey Vince, how many people were there this time?


Poster by: James Louis Parber

Presented by VJ productions.



  1. my name is Kris Bowers, I am from Australia and I would like to say that I have got copy of this original concert poster of The Doors for June 8th 1967 and it is finally nice to see another 1 out there 🙂

  2. My name is Paul Forakis, I was a member of the Kitchen Sink, I was just sixteen years old when we opeded for the Doors. We went on to open for the Count 5,”Psychotic reaction” and the Grass roots, 9 gold albums. WE met the whole group. If any one is interested I’ll tell the story of that nite.

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