1967, But Not Quite The Summer Of Love

Michelle and the Mademoiselles February 3, 1967


Most of these acts have more in common with the “British Invasion” than the summer of love. 

By later that year Thee Sixpence became the Strawberry Alarm Clock. (Incense and Peppermint)

The Mourning Reign were somewhat like  other San Jose acts -Count Five  (Psychotic Reaction) and  the Syndicate of Sound (Little Girl).

Peter Wheat and the Breadmen broke up soon after this gig. 

I have no idea about Michelle and the Mademosselles other than they had a dance record on Polydor that never went anywhere and then they dissapeared.

Peter Wheat and the Breadmen, Thee Sixpence, Mourning Reign, March 11, 1967
Mourning Reign, The Last Exit to Brooklyn, February 4, 1967



  1. I was the rhythm guitar player for Michelle and the Madamoiselles in 1966-67. We played the southern California clubs, focusing on the Sunset Strip when we could get the gigs. Our manager was Mike Majors, Michelle’s father. He had a skating rink right at the entrance to the Huntington Beach pier, and turned it into a dance place around 1965. He also was a west coast manager/contact for many mowtown based groups playing the coast. We got to play relief band for a lot of successful groups like Sonny and Cher, The Righteous Bros., Little Stevie Wonder, Dick Dale and the Deltones, Sir Douglas Quintet. It was a blast.

    • Hi Jenny,

      I saw your group perform in Ontario back in 67 I believe. I believe it was called the Warehouse. I spent your entire break times talking with your drummer. Since I was a drummer myself and talking with her is something a 15 year old guy isn’t going to forget. CUTE
      BTW what was her name anyway?
      Are you still playing? I am. Drums, Guitar and Bass.

  2. Jenny, Coming across this page must have been an omen. Michelle and the Madamoiselles came up in discussion on another (Facebook) group page. Your band performed one night at the Rose Garden in Pismo Beach (CA). I worked there and helped you girls unload your equipment and set up on-stage. I remember that promo photo of the group around a large tree (some standing in front, on both sides, and other setting up in the tree.

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