Santana, Elvin Bishop, Sanpaku, Memorial Day 1969

Santana, The Elvin Bishop Band, Sanpaku, Aum, Crystal Syphon, Crazy Horse and Wildfire. 

May 30, 1969 at the Merced County Fairgrounds.  11 hours of music for as low as $3.50! 

Great poster by Norman Orr.



  1. That was a great concert and a poster that I will never forget. It was the first one that I ever showed Bill Graham and as they say, “The rest is history.” Thank you for posting!

    1. Thanks Norman, I’ve probably have another 20 things you designed that I haven’t posted yet. You may not even have many of them!

  2. Yeah, Norm, and that poster led you to design the famous black Santana “Tiger Jumping Through the Flaming Hoop” poster. I remember you showed it to me in your little place in Cressy (Cressey?) before driving up to San Francisco to see if Graham would like it. And, as I recall, he DID have a Santana show coming up (of course) but the supporting acts were, logically, different, so you had to re-draw it to match up the acts and the dates. Wasn’t the black Quicksilver poster next?

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