Moby Grape, Flamin Groovies,, March 15, 1968

Definitely the worst gig by the best band I have ever seen live.

With the Flamin’ Groovies. 

Sponsored by VJ at the Legion Hall.

Poster by Jim Parber

Jim Parber, Moby Grape

8 thoughts on “Moby Grape, Flamin Groovies,, March 15, 1968

  1. This is the first I have ever heard about this obscure Moby Grape gig.

    It sounds like it was a disaster. What went wrong? Was Skip Spence in outer space? Did a player fail to show up at the show? Or did the band implode on stage?

    1. It was an issue with not only Spence but also Mosley. I think he was headed down fast by then.
      Someone backstage said Mosley’s head was leaning on (facing) a wall iconsolable for an extended time before the show.
      I don’t think they started and finished any song all together all night.
      I saw them another 4 or 5 times both before and after this and it was the only really bad show.

  2. Thanks for posting. Was this a poster or a handbill? I’m working with Cyril Jordan gathering past Flamin’ Groovies Posters/handbills and this just great. So if you have any other FG material, It would be appreciated.

    1. Kent, Please let Cyril know that Bill Whittington passed away Monday. Cyril did artwork for us when Bill and I had Golden Gate Magic. His artwork was always amazing.

  3. i don’t think i was at this show but i did see moby grape play several times. i took the first girl i ever fell in love with to see moby grape at the avalon. she fell in love with bob mosley and used to go over to their house in mill valley after that. jerry miller is still playing up north recently on bainbridge island. they didn’t always get their 3 guitar leads in sync but when they did it was awesome. they were my favorite band until my girlfriend dumped me. but sorry to hear about bob banging his head against the wall, maybe she dumped him too.

  4. Hi Mike,Rick Jackson I was the one that told you the story about Moby Grape at the Legion.
    I was working the show for Vince and was back stage at the at the tear down and Mosley had his head against the wall in a position that suggested if you touched him you would get cold cocked. His hair was shaved off and they told me he was going into the Marines the next day.
    What a sad story I saw there fist gig at the original Fillmore opening for the Byrds.
    I loved the Byrds and couldn’t wait for them to came on. Here they came they hooked up there amps and started playing sounding disjointed. About through half the first song they abruptly stopped and walked off the stage. After a wait the lights came up and Bill Graham came on and said they were gone. In David Crosby’s Bi-atograph he talked about that night and said they had all taken acid and it was very good and they just couldn’t’ play and had to leave right away. My heart sunk then Grahman said stay we have the next band that I think you’ll like. After awhile he comes back out and say’s “Please welcome to the Fillmore a south bay band” (Santa Cruz) MOBY GRAPE! The lights came up and they went right into there material there album wasn’t out yet.
    It was unbelievable, 5 outstanding musicians all singing and playing as tight as I’ve ever seen then or now. THREE guitar players all synced with intricate arraignments, lead player one of the best I ever saw. The whole band had unbelievable charisma! I couldn’t keep my eyes off the band. Especially Skip Spence.What a dance they did between each other.

    They were the best and tightest band I ever saw through the 60″s and that includes the big boy’s. And then I see there last concert what a shame as the original Grape dejected uninspired that’s what the “Music Business can do to you”.

  5. yeh, i liked the grape too. saw them several times at the avalon. i liked skip spence the best as well. took my girl friend to see them. then she told me she was going over to mosley’s house to see him. but i still liked them.

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