Eric Burdon and The Animals February 25, 1968

Eight months after their appearance at the Monterey International Pop Music Festival,  Eric Burden and The Animals made their way to the Merced county fairgrounds with The Eire Apparent. 

The Eire Apparent guitarest Henry McCullough by 69 was the guitarest for Joe Cocker at woodstock and would later play with Paul McCartney and Wings.

Eric Burden and The Animals February 25, 1968


  1. My husband Tom opened for The Doors !! I wasn’t there because I was too young to go. So there I was on a Saturday morning, cleaning house and listening to K-FIV radio announcing THE DOORS would be playing tonight and I was too young to go. I’m still ticked off about that. But I do like Tom’s poster of The Doors and Infinity that hangs in our kitchen. It’s like saying “I didn’t go but I got the T-Shirt. Peace!

  2. First rock concert I ever attended. I was 13 (now 62). I lived in Atwater briefly, while my father was the division comander at Castle A.F.B. Brigadier generals and rock music didn’t mesh back then but somehow I was allowed to go. (Thanks Mom!) I still remember the violinist had purple Converse All-Stars…thought that was the coolest thing. Awesome seeing this after all of this time (April 21, 2017).

  3. I didn’t go to that concert, but did see Burdon and the Animals at Monterey, the Friday night show. We were too young to be trusted with the family car, so my mother took me and my old Turlock friend Bob Applegate (R.I.P.) and my sister drove. My mom liked rock, but her real musical love was the blues, and for her, Lou Rawls and his big review band stole the show. We didn’t get to see the Doors at their one Turlock show because it was a school night!

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