A Tear and a Smile

A Tear and a Smile at the Middle Earth Ballroom (upstairs at the old Record Rendezvous). 

A super whimsical, spontaneously fanciful, playful or maybe just trippy poster by Steven Walstead. 

Friday October 27, 1972. 

Sorry I missed it!

A Tear and a Smile


  1. very cool, we had left merced by then. living up in eureka in the redwoods. Home Brew the band, david ferranti and jim parber, jim alquist and skip parks. me, going to nursing school….all of us pretty tripped out!!

    1. Wow….Middle Earth Days….hahahahaaha….Loved the Head Shop,Dyed Babys Breath flowers and Incense,trippy Blk Light Poster room,hahahahaha Popeye gittin buzy….good times,then off to Applegate for free concerts when….People were more civilized and were about having a good time rather that pointing a gun or finger at them….

  2. This brings back memories for sure. A Tear and A Smile played quite a few gigs in the space above Middle Earth. It was called Bilbos Ballroom. Go fig. Although I don’t remember this specific date, I was with AT&S at the time. Some good times!

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