American Legion Hall, Merced

American Legion Hall Post 83

939 W. Main St., Merced, CA

If you really packed them in the capacity was about 450.

American Legion Hall, Merced. It seemed a lot bigger then.



  1. Yeah…the cannon was always there. We used to play on it as kids…It’s WWI vintage. The 17th street pool was across the street, Bel Aire barber shop, and Jimmies Liquors nearby. I recall seeing Jim Morrison and the band drinking Colt 45s in Jimmies parking lot before their first show. Someone pointed them out…”thats that LA band playing tonight” Hard to believe, but true. It seemed like I spent every Saturday night of my teen years in the Legion Hall. I can hear the opening notes to Mona in my head right now….more cowbell!

  2. I know I wasn’t the only one to see Big Brother and the Holding Company (sadly, sans Janis) at the Legion. I also remember when the Doors appeared. A girlfriend of mine told her mom she was going to a show at the Merced Theater that night. Instead, she and a friend walked the alley down to the back of the Legion where she serendipitously ran into the Doors who were smoking cigarettes during a break.

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