The New Breed, The Eckos

The New Breed, The Eckos, December 1965

A while back I was contacted by Gary Shover who was bass player of the Eckos.  He was kind enough to send me scans of this early VJ poster as well as some other great items that I am putting on the Merced Bands Page

This show at the Legion Hall December 28, 1965 featured the New Breed from Sacramento.   They had just had a minor hit “Green Eyed Woman.”   Hear it here.   

The man on the left on this poster is Timothy B. Schmidt now of the Eagles along with George Hullin, Ron Floegel, and Tom Phillips.

The Eckos 1965
The New Breed 1965


  1. After Bill Wellman left the Eckos he and I played together in a band called The Exit. Bill got married and moved to Los Angeles. The Exit continued and morphed into The Good Together Happy Times Band.

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