Crystal Syphon, Crazy Horse, Sanpaku, Fillmore West

Here is an Iconic Norman Orr poster for a fillmore show with 2 Merced groups.  Crystal Syphon and Crazy Horse.  Also appearing was Sanpaku. 

January 21, 1969.



    • Hey Mike Kennedy,

      I have this poster with Crazy Horse on top. Rick bet me a buck I was wrong, because you guys are struggling to get it that way. I’ve got it.

      Tim Edgington

  1. I have a flier from a show at the “Berryessa Bowl” no year shown, but it was Saturday May 31st. It shows the group as “Crystal Syphone” with an “e” at the end. When did they drop the “e” or is it just a misprint? It also shows the band “San-Paku”

  2. As a former member of the Crystal Syphon (there was never an “e”), that Berryessa Bowl gig was on Friday in 1968. Though I have vague recollections of the event, I know it wasn’t 1969 because we were at the Day-Night event at the Merced County Fairgrounds which was my last performance with the group. It wasn’t 1967, I had just gotten married and we weren’t playing much out of Merced the first part of ’67. But it could have been…memory banks being what they are 40+ years down the road… Great poster!

  3. I have a copy of the poster as well. It does say Saturday May, 31st. I can definitively say that Sanpaku did not exist in May of 68 – Fist gig using that name for the band was around July of 68 at King’s Beach Bowl, Lake Tahoe. The group disbanded by December of 69. Cheers.

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