New Page Added on Artist Norman Orr

I’ve added a new page on ex Merced artist Norman Orr here…



    • Hello Michael,

      My daughter, Julie told me about your blog on Merced posters…
      The old ones from Merced I do not have any copies left.

      If you have access to the images that you have shown, is it possible to make some decent quality b/w copies to send to me. Even just taking them to a xerox copier place like kinko’s and making b/w copies would be fine.

      Let me know if this would be possible, then I can make my personal file a little more complete.

      My mailing address is :

      Norman Orr
      P.O. Box 390781
      Mt. View, CA 94039-0781

      Phone: (650) 327-1510

      So , send me your blog as it is updated, and if you’d like to respond on the copy request, I’d appreciate your help.

      Until Later,
      Norman Orr

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