The Family Tree

The Family Tree

The Family Tree
The Family Tree

Featuring members of the Brogues and the Ratz, the Family Tree made one 45 for the Mira label before releasing several singles and an lp on RCA and a final 45 on Paula.

Bob Segarini  from Stockton, California was in a group called Us.  They made demos for the Autumn label that were never released. He then went into the Ratz,  I think based in Modesto, which included Gary Grubb better known as Gary Duncan of Quicksilver Messenger Service.

Duncan left the Ratz for the Brogues in Merced, which also included bassist Bill Whittington. With members Greg Elmore, Rick Campbell and Eddie Rodrigues.  When Eddie entering the draft, the Brogues broke up.

Bill Whittington and Segarin formed the Family Tree, with Mike Olsen (Lee Michaels) on keyboards and Newman Davis on drums.Mike Durr of the Ratz later joined on guitar and at some point Merced’s Bill Whittington was out to be replaced by Bill “Kootch” Trochim.

The Family Tree split in 1969, Segarini and de Cocq later formed Roxy, Segarini and Trochim were in The Wackers and Segarini has had an ongoing solo career ever since.

This poster is probably the earliest Family Tree I have seen pre-dating their Fillmore show (known as BG-0 with the Grassroots and Quicksilver by 2  months (4-22-23-1966)

Not only that but the “Guess the Ecko’s Weight-They are the ones with the Short Hair” winner was announced.

Also appearing The Ebonknights from Madera..

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