Syndicate of Sound W/ The Ratz, Daddy Kool from KYOS and a Shindig Contest!

Syndicate of Sound

The Syndicate of Sound at the Legion Hall.  March 26, 1966 just a few weeks after recording “Little Girl” which has become a real rock anthem.

Syndicate of Sound moves up the chart

Also appearing was the Ratz from Modesto.  I’ll post more about them  later.The Ratz

If all of this wasn’t enough we also had Daddy Kool from KYOS and a Shindig Contest!



    • And what do you think his real name was? I kind of gave up on him after getting some real lame 45s as “prizes” in contests.
      The wolf man was the real deal!

  1. I haven’t a clue what his actual name was. Can you enlighten us? So, was it spelled with a “C” or “K”? In my minds eye, I’m seeing it spelled with a “K” but maybe that had something to do with the menthol cigarettes I was smoking back then in 1961!!

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