Record Rendezvous 1969

Eddie Rodriquez found these in the Atwater High yearbook from 1969.  It doesn’t really look all that much different now.

How much was that 68 Fender Showman in the window?

Record Rendezvous Merced 1969

Record Rendezvous Merced 1969 #2



  1. Too many memories. Kids don’t even know what 45’s are anymore but we listened to many of them right in that store and bought a lot too.

  2. I don’t think I ever checked on the correct spelling of his name, but wasn’t Wally Coats the owner of Record Rendezvous at that time? The super cool Rendezvous, for us low-income kids, was a fantastic place to go on a dream tour of all the goodies and sounds just out of economic reach, but so tantalizingly tour-touch available. Kathi, this is almost hard to believe, but I found an old, plastic 45 insert thingamajig that we used to put inside the 45 to get it to play on the record player (I got hold of a little money as I got older). In addition to 45s being among the unknowns, so are, to many of the youngsters around me, “records” of the audio variety. You just have to let it bring you to chuckles.

  3. My mother, Norma Soria worked there in high school. When my father went to Vietnam, we moved in with grandma and my mother went back to work at the shop. When grandma couldn’t watch us, I would hangout at the shop while she worked.
    It was there where I learned guitar, from instructors, while waiting for their paying students. I’m a professional musician to this day. Thanks mom
    Facebook mike.phillips.182

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