The Brogues

Here is the most complete archive of The Brogues info and photos to date.  I have been in contact with Eddie Rodrigues (one of my all time guitar heroes) and he was kind enough to pass on to me a great selection of things from his collection.

The Brogues: Eddie Rodrigues (guitar), Rick Campbell (organ), Greg Elmore (drums) and Bill Whittington (bass). (also known as Gary Cole, and better known as Gary Duncan)

See it the whole post here……

Bill Whittington, Eddie Rodrigues, Rick Campbell and Greg Elmore.
The Brogues


  1. Check out Vicki Vote /Angel Baby and Look for a Star on Imperial in 1969. I lived in Merced from 1958 to 1978 (with my seven year stint in Hollywood). You can find it on you tube and several other sites…have no idea how they got there. I am still in touch with Rick Campbell on a regular basis. I am still singing every month, about 12 gigs a month.

    1. I had heard about Bill’s passing earlier today. So sorry to hear this. I sang with the Brogues a few times. I have maintained my friendship with Rick Campbell through the years. Would love to hear from Eddie or Greg. I actually knew them before they added the fifth member. FYI I was also a Merced grown musician. Check out Liberty/Imperial label…Vicki Vote…Angel Baby.

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