Bill Whittington

Bill Whittington
Patty Whittington – Wife  (Patty Rocha)
Cindy – Bill & Patty’s daughter
Greg Elmore
Gary Cole
“Mandy” the Brogues Traveling van which Bill’s Dad, the Pepsi Bottler of Merced, Ed Whittington loaned to him.
Mandy was named by Bill in light of the Mandy Rice-Davies, Christine Keeler British Government sex scandal in the 1960’s where apparently Ms. Rice-Davies was the mistress of several governmental officials.
I remember the moment that Mandy was named by Bill. He pointed out because the entire band (and equipment) traveled in the van that Mandy the van was a lot like Ms. Rice-Davies because; “She took us all on”.  After saying that Bill let out that crazy and goofy Bill Whittington laugh which once heard was not forgotten.
Bill Whittington
Cindy Whittington
Gary Cole (Duncan)
Greg Elmore
Bill Whittington
Patty Whittington (Patty Rocha)
Cindy Whittington
Gary Cole (Duncan)
Greg Elmore

Thanks Ed Rodrigues



  1. I have been searching for Bill for so many years and was never able to find him to reconnect. Today he came up in conversation and my wife found this. I am so saddened that I wasn’t able to get back in touch. He was such a great guy and I often told friends about him. RIP Bill.

  2. Very sad to hear of Bill’s passing. We were classmates at El Capitan in Merced, Ca in 1960. We formed a band called THE CONTINENTALS. I played bass, Bill the Gretch guitar, Jimmy Odishoo drums and Johnny Tobin, Sax. The last two from Turlock. We played for 2 years until Bill and I graduated. We played up and down the valley nearly every weekend. I re-connected with Bill in the 80’s, but lost contact after that. Our birthdays are 3 days apart in June 1944.

  3. Chris. In Park City Utah. Try me at …
    We lost Gary Boyer last month too. The greats … Merced Blue Notes (Kenny and Carl, etc.). Johnny Tobin, Eddie Rodriques, Sammy Smart, Lee Michaels, Gary Boyer, and many more. Great friends. Great memories. I spoke to John Fogerty at the Grammys a few years back and he remembered Merced and the Blue Notes, with respect. Del

  4. Very sad to hear of Gary Boyer. After our drummer left, Gary AKA ROACH, became the Continentals’ drummer. What a talent and wild and crazy guy he was..

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