Crazy Horse

flyer,-7-6-12Rick Jackson writes:

I have alot of pictures but I do not have a single picture of us on the stage as a band.  Does any one out there have a picture of us on stage?  We all just lived in the moment. As far as that goes.
If any one has any pictures I’m putting out 2 Crazy Horse C.D.’s and would like to get all the info I can.
Thanks we sure had fun. Didn’t we!


One comment

  1. We had a great time Mike…. sadly, I have no pictures….As you probably know, my son plays a the blues around Houston. His passion has taken him into some great venues and I am really proud of him. I had to laugh last month when he fell in love with a Super Reverb (like I used to play). He did a bunch of research and then hunted down a first year amp (1964?) and had it rebuilt, I wish I would have kept mine for him….

    Thanks for the work that you put into this site Mike. It brings back some great memories.
    Be Well….

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