Ratz Again!

O.K., you’d better be sitting down for this one: The RATZ were huge around Modesto in the mid-1960’s. Great stage energy, creative arrangements and they could actually sing all those harmonies no one else could do. Patrick Durr, Danny Johnson, Rick Edmond and Ray Rector are reuniting to perform for a single event! Saturday, September 21st. Fundraiser for George Rogers Park. Beautiful outdoor grounds of a private home. Also performing: Home Grown (Patrick will have a busy day) and the Wrongdoers. Details athttps://www.facebook.com/events/168619726644720/




  1. Michael, I not only remember them, but would love to see them play again!

    Tell them I send my best.

    Bob Birdwell

  2. What I remember about them is that in between songs, the drummer would keep a steady beat going until they started the next song. I’m glad they, among other bands from back then like the Crystal Syphon, are getting back together after all these years.

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