merced museum flyer

Merced Museum Music Exhibit

I’m going to the grand opening celebration.  Are you?

merced museum flyer


    1. Hi, I’m Rick Campbell the “Brogues” keyboard player. Sorry I missed the event I didn’t hear about it till too late, alas! Would like to get in contact with Ed Rodrigues (Email) if possible.
      I’m so glad that our music made you all have fond memories, we sure had fun playing it!

  1. the merced museum opening night festivities was a good time had by all! crystal syphon sounded good, a nice exhibit with lots of old photos and lots of memories. saw some old friends.hopefully we won’t have to wait another 40 years to do it again.

  2. Hi Chris
    Would loved to have been there for the museum festivities. Don’t think I’ll make it for another 40 years so I hope another musical event will occur to draw us to Merced…send our love to Sparrow…Smiley (Curtis) and Gail (Laramie/McGowan)…Best to you

    1. hey smiley,
      good hearing from you and gail,its been a long time.hope everything is good with you guys. its a nice little exhibit they put together(i think its going to be there till oct) if you are down this way give me a shout,still hanging in atwater.,

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