Young Rascals, Merced

I already posted this but here is a much better scan.  June 25th.   Either 1966 or 67.  Most probably 67.

Young Rascals Merced



  1. I was thinking of that all evening. I bet It was actually 66. I kind of remember the roosters. L.A. Band I think 65-66 only.

    • I know this is arcane trivia but…my initial impression was correct. It was Sunday June 25, 67. The Rascals played Shea Stadium on that date in 66. They were on the West Coast in 67.

      Monday, 26 Performance at Humdinger, Disneyland, Anaheim, Calif. (with Tammi Terrell, Aubrey Twins, The Mustangs, The Humdinger Dancers, Dobie Gray and his Band, Bill Elliott and his Date Niters, The Ward Singers

      Wednesday, 28 Performance at Oakland Auditorium, Oakland, Calif. (with Country Joe and the Fish, The Sons of Champlin, Sparrow, The Grass Roots, The Grateful Dead, and Bob Holt)

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