Gary Boyer R.I.P.

Gary Boyer guitarist with Crazy Horse, A Tear and a Smile and drummer with The Tokays among others passed on March 15.

Sad news.

Gary Boyer

The Rhythm Knights
The Rhythm Knights 1964-65?




  1. Gary, like a number of people I’ve been fortunate enough to know, probably had his share of darker situations, but one wonderful afternoon/evening Gary let me and some friends visit with him and talk about Quicksilver and other favorites of his (in that time long ago), and he let me hold and play his electric blues guitar that he had just played on stage. Gary was a bit of an idol of mine in those days and for him to casually reach over and place his guitar in my care was more of a generous gift than he probably realized. I pray that he is remembered for the gifts he gave more than for any dark moment(s) he stumbled upon. May he find his blessings on his journey. As Brian said, Adios, Gary.

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