vincent lavery


  1. Great to see Vincent again after all these years! Thank you Michael.

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  2. Phil Gunter , that rings a bell. Blue 67/8 Mustang . Horseback riding out at White Rock Road . Thanks for the memories.

  3. I’m so glad, I’m glad , I’m glad, I’m glad…to see the old galoot still kickin’. Sweet, Michael!

  4. Hey Michael, tell Vince I want my money back from the “Them” Concert in Modesto, Van just kicked the hell out of Peter Wheat and the Breadmens drum set.

  5. Tell Vince I would like a refund from the “Them” concert in Modesto. Van was pretty drunk and wouldn’t sing, he did entertain by kicking the hell out of Peter Wheat and the Broadens drum set.

  6. Visiting Vince again? But I just realized your Irish J

    Mike please call me I need to talk to you.



  7. Hey Vince great to see you’re still alive this is Douglas Ring will used to work at the Golden Cue together and one time my friend and I came to see you in Fresno when we were trying to start a concert we were going to call a Vijay presents anyway glad to see you’re still around

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