Jefferson Airplane, April 8 1967

Jefferson Airplane and Andrew Staples at the Merced Fairgrounds on April 8, 1967

What a weekend.  Friday was The Doors and Saturday Jefferson Airplane.

Poster by Trindade & Criswell.

Presented by The Underground Explosion Calliope Company.  I really have no idea who this was.

Thanks to Michael Mauzy for sending me this long lost gem.




  1. Good find, MichaelI recall a gig we played at the fairgrounds with Lydia Pence and Cold Blood. That night I met Gaylord Birch, drummer for CB at the time. He shortly went on to play with the Pointer Sisters. There must have been a poster for that and maybe it will show up some day. Brian

  2. Michael, re The Underground Explosion Calliope Company, this group might have been the child of CO Williams, who once worked at Julio’s Men’s Shop, and Richard De Long. Both were Class of ’66 and I know they brought the QSM to the Fairgrounds Pavilion one night. They rigged up a psychedelic light show and projected it from the mezzanine onto the stage. I can’t think of anyone else who might have fit the tag but maybe the “Company” wishes to remain Underground? What a neat gift and in cherry condition, apparently.

    1. Wow it must have been C.O. I was hired to do the light show at the Quicksilver show “Lights by Middle Earth” I had never did that I just believed I could watching shows at the Fillmore and figuring it out.

  3. Ah now I remember why there were only 8 paid customers at the first Doors appearance at the Legion Hall on Friday night. I was working for Vince Lavery at the door and when hardly any one showed up he told me I could go see the band. Over the years I have asked myself why no one was there. I’ll never forget that concert I was of course in the front row the band went on it was just three guys and no one was singing then all of a sudden Morrison comes crawling on the stage. He went crawling over the guitar speaker and then through the drums and over the organ and then back to center stage and jumped up and screamed! I have to be honest I thought it was BS I’m afraid that I have no recollection of them standing out except for that but Vince did tell me he was bringing them back in about a month or so. June 8th it was a total sell out “Light My Fire” had hit the charts and we knew who they were. I had to beg Vince to let me off so I could watch my friend Steve was saving a place up front Vince finally relinquished and I ran up to front of the stage. That night Jim was more in tune meaning I think he was sober they sounded better but about in the middle my friend Steve had taken MDA which as I understand it it’s a combo of Meth and LSD he was out of it he had his head turned down and was swaying to the music at some point Morrison spotted him and carefully picked up the mike stand and hit him right on top of his head. Poor Steve he totally freaked out he went into a spasm it took me and a few people in the audience to hold him down I remember looking back at Morrison as I was holding Steve and he was laughing.
    But other than that I want to praise Jim and the band I remember being told that they were getting $5000 a night because of the radio exposure and they came back and honored Vince’s contract for $500! Amazing even in those days which they could have blown that off easily Integrity!
    On July 29th Light My Fire hit number one on the Billboard top 100.

  4. Wow, I thought the poster looked familiar. Vern Trindade (drummer for the Nimitz Freeway and other area bands) and I did it! So many years ago…

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