Norman Orr

Norman starts his own story with his tenure with Bill Graham’s Fillmore in San Francisco.  But before that he got his start doing posters for Rick Jackson and others in Merced.
Artist, Craftsman & Fine Woodworker

Norman Orr began his artistic career in the 1960′s after designing over twelve Fillmore rock postersfor  Bill Graham.  But before that he got his start doing posters for Rick Jackson in Merced.

His designs and illustrations launched his career as a commercial graphic artist. But after fifteen years of partnering a successful graphics studio in Palo Alto, Norman decided to leave behind his office job and start his own company.

Today Norman Orr’s body of work is the culmination of  many talents including graphic illustrations, fine furniture and interior architectural wood elements and exterior focal pieces.

In other words, if you can dream it, Norman can build it!

A tear and a smile, Brookdale Lodge


6 thoughts on “Norman Orr

  1. Good stuff Norman. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen those posters. Hope all is well with you.

  2. I host a weekly classic rock radio show where I only play bands from the San Joaquin Valley during the late 50’s and decade of the 60’s. The show is called “Dick Lee and Garage Rock from the Valley.” It airs every Saturday at 12:00 noon on KOOL 104.5 FM Hanford. I am looking for any former members of these 1960’s Merced bands that would like to do a “pre-recorded” 10 interview about their band and r-n-r days. Contact me at:Dick Lee (541-683-2263).

    1. Do you still have your show? This is Rick Jackson I was in Crazy Horse and A Tear and a Smile out of Merced. I found some tapes of two live gigs and Studio of original material and I’m going to release them this spring let me know if your still doing it.

      1. Rick:

        Many thanks for your comments. I still host the weekly radio show and it is now on over 62 stations. As mentioned, I would love to do a pre-recorded interview with you and hear your tracks for air play. Please feel to call at any time.
        Dick Lee

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