The Doors, April 1967


April 7, 1967 (Merced)

April 8, 1967 (Turlock)

The Doors and Infinity at the Merced American Legion Hall and the Turlock Fairgrounds.

Vince Lavery remembers there were 81 paid admissions in Merced!  $2.25

They sounded great.  The first album was out but “Break on Through” had only  regional popularity.

Jim Morrison wasn’t very drunk as I recall.

Posters by Greg Campi

Produced by VJ  (Vince Lavery).

April 7, 1967
April 7, 1967

Also see The Doors June 8, 1967, Merced Legion Hall 

On April 6 1967 VJ also had The Doors in Modesto at the skate rink.  This time the show headlined Love, The Doors, Infinity and possibly Eisage (from Modesto).

The Modesto poster was most likely done by Greg Campi but I haven’t seen it in decades.  If anyone has it please scan it and send to me! 

New!  8/29/11  I was able to locate copies of the Modesto flyer and I am working on getting quality scans of it.  

The show was headlined by Love,The Doors, Eisage from Modesto and Infinity from Turlock.  Held at the Modesto Skate Arena.  

Scheduled to go for 2 sets by each band the night was cut short by some kind of audience brawl.  I don’t think it involved Jim Morrison!

Love, The Doors, Eisage, Infinity

Merced Museum Music Exhibit

I’m going to the grand opening celebration.  Are you?

merced museum flyer

the Ratz, 1960s, modesto

Ratz Again!

O.K., you’d better be sitting down for this one: The RATZ were huge around Modesto in the mid-1960′s. Great stage energy, creative arrangements and they could actually sing all those harmonies no one else could do. Patrick Durr, Danny Johnson, Rick Edmond and Ray Rector are reuniting to perform for a single event! Saturday, September 21st. Fundraiser for George Rogers Park. Beautiful outdoor grounds of a private home. Also performing: Home Grown (Patrick will have a busy day) and the Wrongdoers. Details at


Merced Courthouse Museum

The History of Rock

Merced Courthouse Museum
History Of Fock

Merced Courthouse explores the History of music in Merced.  See Page 26 of Downtown Life Magazine (opens in new window)

Crazy Horse

flyer,-7-6-12Rick Jackson writes:

I have alot of pictures but I do not have a single picture of us on the stage as a band.  Does any one out there have a picture of us on stage?  We all just lived in the moment. As far as that goes.
If any one has any pictures I’m putting out 2 Crazy Horse C.D.’s and would like to get all the info I can.
Thanks we sure had fun. Didn’t we!


Tina Turner, Lake Amador Gold Rush Festival Oct. 4 1969

Reader Steve Rudzinski shot these beautiful pictures of Tina at the Lake Amador Gold Rush Festival (see my post here…)  She was in her prime except for that Ike thing.

“I was in the Navy in Stockton at rough and ready island.  I said I was with UOP newspapaper to get onstage. (little white lie).”

Photos ©1969 Steve RudzinskiTina Turner Lake Amador 1969After-the-Goldrush-Tina-**

Tina Turner Lake Amador

Tina Turner Lake Amador 1969

Bill Whittington

Bill Whittington
Patty Whittington – Wife  (Patty Rocha)
Cindy – Bill & Patty’s daughter
Greg Elmore
Gary Cole
“Mandy” the Brogues Traveling van which Bill’s Dad, the Pepsi Bottler of Merced, Ed Whittington loaned to him.
Mandy was named by Bill in light of the Mandy Rice-Davies, Christine Keeler British Government sex scandal in the 1960′s where apparently Ms. Rice-Davies was the mistress of several governmental officials.
I remember the moment that Mandy was named by Bill. He pointed out because the entire band (and equipment) traveled in the van that Mandy the van was a lot like Ms. Rice-Davies because; “She took us all on”.  After saying that Bill let out that crazy and goofy Bill Whittington laugh which once heard was not forgotten.
Bill Whittington
Cindy Whittington
Gary Cole (Duncan)
Greg Elmore
Bill Whittington
Patty Whittington (Patty Rocha)
Cindy Whittington
Gary Cole (Duncan)
Greg Elmore

Thanks Ed Rodrigues