The Brogues

Over the years The Brogues have taken on almost mythic proportions with valley musicians.  A reputation so large it’s hard to believe that they only existed for 9 short months in 1964 and 1965.

That reputation was kept alive by a few great recordings the band left behind.  To this day those recordings represent some of the best examples of 60s “garage band” anywhere.Bill Whittington, Eddie Rodrigues, Rick Campbell and Greg Elmore.

The records have been in print nearly continuously for 47 years now.

The Brogues were formed in Merced at the end of 1964. The original group members were Bill Whittington, Eddie Rodrigues, Rick Campbell and Greg Elmore. They released only two singles.  The first of these was released twice, first on a local label and then on a national label. The only other known recordings by the group are from a demo that preceded the recording of their first single; an alternate version of Someday and a song called Journey. Gary Grubb (later to be known as Gary Duncan) joined the group in the early part of 1965 prior to the recording of their second single. The group split up in the middle of 1965 after two members of the band were drafted.

I recently have been in contact with Eddie Rodrigues who was kind enough to contribute information on the band as well as many rare pictures.



An attempt to recall The Brogues of 1965

Referencing ”The Brogues Story” by Alec Palao writing in Cream Puff War Magazine.


BROGUES LEGEND #1: “By the way, that’s not a fuzz pedal, but rather the shredded speaker cones of Eddie’s Amp” on the Miracle Worker recording.

RESPONSE:  The speakers in the 1964 Super-Reverb were just fine.  The Fuzz came from a Gibson Maestro Fuzz Tone (Purchased at Record Rendezvous from Wally Coats) that was set on “beyond intense & screw feedback stability“, a setting on the Maestro Fuzztone that wasn’t that hard to find.  The 1962 Gibson SG Les Paul helped too.

BROGUES LEGEND #2:  “Raving stage show brought crowds of screaming teenagers”.

RESPONSE:  What Stage Show?  The band just acted “hard, somewhat depressed and somewhat punk”.  With the teenage crowds being what they are, the “act” seemed to work pretty well and still does to this day for current bands.

(Actually, I don’t think that Greg Elmore and Gary Duncan were acting!)

 The Brogues, Mercy Gulch DaysThe Brogues, Mercy Gulch Days, picture

BROGUES LEGEND #3:  “The band did a couple of shows in San Francisco“.

ADDITION TO LEGEND:  My actual favorite gig of all times was at a Wine House in North Beach in San Francisco that normally featured non-amplified live folk music and had a large acoustic-loving following to match.

While setting up Amplifiers & Drums at the Wine House, we were thoroughly BOO’ed by the Folkies because we had the audacity to bring evil amplifiers into their acoustic domain. However, after about 5 minutes of English-Style R/B we had them screaming & dancing.  The crowd went very  visibly from the “We Hate You – Please Die” Mode to the “We Love You – Let’s Party” Mode during those 5 minutes.  That night we actually saw 1950’s “Pre-Hippy, Beat-type”  San Francisco people dancing on top of little round bar tables while screaming like crazy people.But Now I Find (Twilight)


Brogues Story, Alec Palao

FACTOID 1:  Miracle Worker & Don’t Shoot Me Down were recorded at Sunset Recorders in Los Angeles where the Stones had just finished recording.  I don’t know about the other guys, but I was pretty impressed about being there.

The Brogues reviews


FACTOID 2: On “Miracle Worker” the rhythm guitar playing was double tracked – I think they used an  8 track recorder on 1-inch tape.  The original rhythm track was sort of  a “Byrd’s” jangle rhythm thing. The interesting part is that the second rhythm track line added was my response to the Producer asking “could you put some Stones Satisfaction  Fuzz Stuff on a Track?” The Producers actually sang a “Suggested Fuzz Tone Line” to me that they were thinking about and I got to tweak and implement it.  Welcome to the World of Record Producing.

The Brogues Songlist 1965

The Brogues Miracle Worker Promo

THE TIMES:  The few months that The Brogues were together seemed to be during the last gasp of the Happy Days Period.  Merced-Atwater kids came to our events to find other Girls/Boys, Dance, Show-off  their Cars and Act Cool.  There were no noticeable drugs at those events, not a lot of alcohol, very few (if any) fights and certainly no air conditioning which was pretty amazing at the ITALO HALL with about 450 kids packed in there.  Ticket cost:  1 U.S. Dollar.  It was a pretty pure time.

AN APOLOGY:  I would like to apologize to those Los Banos High School Farm Boys who took umbrage and offense to “The Brogues Band Appeal”, an appeal which apparently positively affected at least some of the local high school girls during a Los Banos FFA Dance where The Brogues performed in 1965.

After the event, as retribution for our perceived affect on their hometown girls, those farm boys chased us out of town in what was probably their Mom’s car and wanted to fight. I think our long hair and Beatles boots made them obsess.

The Brogues At The Merced Fairgrounds 1965
The Brogues At The Merced Fairgrounds 1965

Three of the Band Members, Rick Campbell, Greg Elmore & myself, were in Rick Campbell’s white 1960 Chevy El Camino pickup and were pursued down Hwy 140 just outside of Los Banos going towards Merced by that car full of Los Banos Farm Boys.  They were hanging out of the car windows indicating quite forcefully that they wanted to “go at it”.   It was side-by-side vehicles at about 70 MPH down 2-lane Hwy 140 with a Hammond organ, a Leslie Speaker and Guitar amps in the back the flying El Camino.

Just when I thought we were doomed, Rick Campbell who was driving, apparently decided that the Farm Boys had just pushed him too far (this impresses me to this day) at which time he got a crazed look on his face and veered the old El Camino complete with musical equipment left towards the other vehicle.  The Los Banos boys responded by also whipping their car to the left where they subsequently went off the road, through a barbed wire fence and out into an alfalfa field at 70 MPH!  The last we saw of them was in a giant cloud of dust, their presence marked only by their headlights going up and down as they crossed the 9 inch tall raised levies in the alfalfa field.

So Sorry Boys – Hope Mom & Dad didn’t get too excited about the car!

BROGUE ROOTS:  I re-listened to “I Ain’t No Miracle Worker” today and it’s clear to me at least that  influences on this “almost made it” record came from one of the finest bands  produced in Merced – The Merced Blue Notes.  The general groove, drive and “pop” of the song is very “Blue-Note derived.  Four of the five members of this band were Merced Blue Notes fans.  You’ve heard nothing unless you had the pleasure of hearing the full 1960’s Merced Blue Notes in Stockton complete with Horns and Female singer doing “If You Should Lose Me” through Chief Coolures rather advanced for the 1960’s sound system.  It was Amazing!

BROGUES CREDONever stand around acting stupid and talking between songs.  The average attention span of concert participants between songs is about 6 seconds max.  In order to keep true to this “credo” and keep the dance floor hopping, I trained myself to lock into the tempo of the next song up while we were still a few bars from finishing up the current tune.  Yes, that would be two songs playing in my head at the same time.

Week ending July 24, 1965

We had song lists taped to the floor and as the continuity task-master, I counted off the songs and provided very little rest between numbers.  You could feel the excitement from the dance floor when we cut from one song to the next.

Well, there you have it.  My attempt to remember The 1965 Brogues.

Eddie Rodrigues

Guitar Student & Retired Guy

The Brogues

21 thoughts on “The Brogues

    1. Hey all, this Bobby Hunt.from the Blue Notes. I was looking on line at the Notes stuff ended up on this site. I never look at my past but did so this time. However, Bill W, Rick C, Gary B all gone. Wow, that hurts. I knew almost all of the people on the site and heard all of the Bands.I’m the same age as everyone here or two years older. I still remember the music and many of them dropping by home. Thank you for the memories,updates etc, Oh yes, whatever happened to Newman Davis…I have seen Lee M. over the years,

  1. I found a copy of the Brogue’s 45 on Twilight at an antique store in Merced in the ’90’s. I also bought a Merced Blue Notes 45 at the same store.

  2. Hi, My name is Patti Whittington Coffee married at that time to Bill. All of these pictures you see are from my scrapbook I made of the group. Bill Whittington passed away last November 2012. I received that scrapbook, all of the original recordings, tapes and alot of other memorabilia, I understand there was a write up in the Merced Sun-Star recently about the local Bands of Merced, They only mention Greg Elmore and Gary Duncan, (Quicksilver Messenger Service) Rick Campbell, Bill Whittington, Eddie Rodrigues and Greg were the originals, Gary was added later. Bill and Rick went on to the Beau Brumels of San Francisco, they too lost their guitar player and wanted to add a piano/organ player (Rick). It didn’t work out the Beau Brumels too stopped their group. Hit song: Laugh Laugh.

  3. Interesting…the thing I remember about the “The Brogues”…one, some or all of them stayed in one of my parent’s apartments on the 230 block of West 20th. I guess they skipped out without paying rent and my dad had to clean it out. I went with my dad…I must have been about 8 to 10…he was saying The Brogues stayed here.

  4. Hello Patti: My name is Ed Stone. My brother Gaston was in a band with Bill in the early ’60’s. I believe it was call The Continentals but I could be wrong. I was 11 or 12 at the time. Gaston was drafted in 63 and left for the Army. Any info you may have would be appreciated. Gaston died is 2003.

  5. Hi Ed, What instrument did Gaston play. Bill and I were married in 1962 and he still was in that band. Sammy Smart was the piano player, Bill on Guitar, I can’t remember the other two, one was from Turlock, the other Merced. Bill passed in 2012 and I received a box with his music memory’s. I don’t recall anything on the Continentals, but I will look. Are you living in Merced? Patti Whittington Coffee

  6. Hi Patti,
    I left Merced in 1982. I live in Salinas now. Gaston played drums. Thanks for your help.
    Ed Stone

  7. My name is Chris Cole. Bill & I started the garage band THE CONTINENTALS. Bill was lead and I played bass. Johnny Tobin of Turlock was the sax player and Jimmy Odishoo, Turlock was the drummer. Later, Gary Boyer joined us as our drummer. A man by the first name of Renaldo (I think he was a hair dresser) sponsered us and change our name to THE MERCEDE CONTINENTALS. The band broke up in 1962 and we all went our separate ways. Johnny still lives is Turlock (Denair). Odishoo has been missing forever, I understand Gary Boyer passed and I was stunned upon learning of Bills’ passing. Good times. I now play golf several days a week in Fresno, enjoying retirement.

    1. Hi Chris, This is Patti Bill Whittington’s x-wife. I too live in Denair/Turlock and would love to see and talk with John Tobin. When Bill passed I received some things from the Band, (Brogues) etc. I actually started a scrapbook and I have it too. I believe I wrote before. Rick Campbell of the Brogues, passed away this pass year.

      1. Hi, Patti: I do remember you. I started at Merced High, then went to El Capitan my sophomor year, then back to Merced High for 11th & 12th. I don’t have Johnny’s phone number or address, sorry. The last I knew he was still in Denair. We graduated in 1962. I talked with Bill two different times in the late 80’s. I think Bill was living in SF at the time. Tried to get him to come to a joint HS reunion El Cap and Merced, but he didn’t want to go. I lost contact after that. I was online looking at bands from Merced when I saw that Bill Passed. I was shocked, to say the least. Our birthdays were just a few days apart. Mine is 6-17-44. I still dabble in music from time to time, just at home, nowhere else. I still have the first fender guitar my parents bought me. I have lots of memories of hi school and Bill. I remember the 1957 Chevy he had. Pink with white/pink tuck and roll seats, stick shift on the floor. Bill was quite the guy and I do miss him. My email address is I live in Fresno. let’s keep in contact. CHRIS

      2. Jminny odishoo here still alive, can rember rehersing at Bills house, loved the coke machine .sorry TO HEAR OF bILLS PASSING. wHAT MEMORIES

      3. Jimmy Odishoo, I can hardly believe it’s you. This is Chris Cole. I live in Fresno, Ca. After the Navy ’62-’66, went to Merced College and got an AA in ’68. Joined the Merced Police Dept. ’68-’70. Moved to Fresno and was a private investigator/fraud investigator (self-employed. Retired 2005. Contact me at or 559-790-6243. Would love to chat with you. Not only Bill passing, but Gary Boyer also passed.

      4. Hi. I recognize the name. Where are you living. Oh by the way, it was Pepsi Cola LOL. I have a picture that Bill had of him and Gene Vincent, were you around then. Bill and I married in 1962. I met the guys in the “Continentals” were you one of them?

  8. Hello:
    My name is Dick Lee and I host a weekly classic rock radio show on which I only play garage bands from the 1960’s and 70’s era (San Joaquin Valley). I need help in contacting any member of the Brogues for an on air interview.

    Dick Lee

    1. Hi there. My name is Patti and was Bill Whittington’s wife. Two of the band members went to play with the Quicksilver Messenger Service when the Brogues broke up. Bill Whittington and Rick Campbell both have passed away. Eddie Rodrigues still lives in Atwater, he is on Facebook also one of the originals. I have not spoken to him. I have the scrapbook that I put together for the Brogues and ran their Fan Club. I even have original recordings of their songs. That all the info I have. I was there in the beginning to the end.

  9. Hi JIMMY Odishoo. Was a drummer for the continentals, Al ward and the Epics Jim Duval and Gauchos, Merced Blue Notes (after they split).sorry to hear about my old band mates.. Am 75 and live in so. Carolina. After itt music days did restaurants in S.F. and retired . would love a poster or a copy of one, would pay for i

  10. Hello to all!i’ve enjoyed Everything on this site for years…..finally on line… a lot of stories but the most important musical event in my life was May 29th1965….except or sneaking in places to hear the blue notes practice this my first electrfyed music…..brogues opened the Dick Clark Cascade of Stars at Merced high gym!!!!! Headlined Del Shannon,ZOMBIES,the larks,Ikettes,DeeDee Sharp,Shangri-Las,executives,jewel akins,Mel carter,mike Clifford,tommy roe,Ad libs,jimmy soul, Shelly Duncan and Brian bermington. more later

    1. Hi: I was there of course. Have an autographed picture of the Zombies. I did talk to one of their Roadies. At the time the book Candy was out. Vickie Voght was called Candy KYOS because she worked for the station. The one question he asked me,” Is she anything like the book????”, No and I had to laugh.

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