Grateful Dead, Crystal Syphon Turlock Feb. 16, 1968

Grateful Dead and Crystal Syphon at the Turlock Fairgrounds.  February 16 1968.   I have no memory who the sponsor was (King Productions)  or the artist  (J Latta).

I had totally forgotten about this show probably because I had chosen to go to the Dead and Country Joe the following night in Fresno.

Grateful Dead, Crystal Syphon in Turlock grateful dead, country joe, fresno



  1. I was there at the Turlock Fairgrounds that night in April 1967. They were very sharp and so was the band Infinity. I went to school with the Infinity members and were very impressed by them.. Tom Aragon even sent me a poster of that night all these years later.. Great times!!

  2. Does anyone remember when Gary Boyer and the rest of the band played regular gigs at the golden cue family billiards. They were a lot of fun until the so-called Malay at the golden cue occurred and then it was over What an experience I work the counter and have a great time

      • You got it right we found everything we kind a look at everyone who came in and we still found gallon bottles of wine in the bathroom and in the garbage don’t know how they got them in , It was fun in the beginning and then it kind a got messy but thanks for remembering Chris been a long time

  3. Do you remember the Royal play boys and was it turtle then? Hope that’s not offensive but I thought it was a nickname let me know if you remember the playboys a short-lived group ahead of its time

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