Them, (Van Morrison) Modesto July 1966



  1. Thanks for posting this.

    What a good trip down Memory Lane! I called Pat Durr, who was in the Ratz and played in the show, and told him about the site. He now teaches high school in Modesto.

    • Tom,
      I’m glad you enjoyed it…
      Why don’t you add your own story. I know it’s a good one!

  2. Great website!

    I co-owned go-teen Productions and managed Peter Wheat and the Breadmen along with other bands. Later I formed LEXINGTON in the 70’s and produced and managed them.

    Thank you for this trip down memory lane you have done a exemplary job of bringing forth a slice of musical history… Kudos

    Kindest Regards,

    Barry Carlos

  3. As I just wrote in the “What’s It All About” section of this site, the poster for this event has been on display in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland in the San Franciso Scene display area. It was great to see a “local connection” in that hallowed hall.

  4. Ah, the memories! It sure take one back. I miss those days and am happy they are behind, at the same time. Must be age. I still play a lot of that music. Can’t seem to get away from it.

  5. Michael, do you know who actually has the signed program?
    I have this program, (I think I have two of them), but it’s not signed by anyone.
    I think it’s a cool pic showing me standing between Van Morrison and Janet Planet….I’m surprised she didn’t bore a hole through me with that stare!
    I recall she was totally taken with him that evening at dinner, (and he seemed fancy her too!).
    Bob Birdwell

  6. Great artifact. I have a signed handbill from Loser’s South in S.J. right before the Modesto show, and it’s good to have samples of the signatures for comparison.

    • I was there that night, and the show ended abruptly when Van Morrison started beating up his band, and walked off. He was there with his future wife, Janet Planet, (think “Brown Eyed Girl). He was, and is, a wonderful talent, and I was honored to be in his limo with him and Janet when the police came and arrested him. I recall that Vince, (VJ Productions) and Barry, (Go Teen Productions), took a bath on the show!


  7. Bob is right both VJ and myself lost a good sum on that show. I co-produced with Bill Quarry ‘Them’s’ first show in the US which was at the Rollarena in San Leandro. It was the biggest crowd to ever fill the now infamous venue. The Modesto show should have been a complete sellout with great acts such as THEM, LOVE, THE GRASSROOTS, PETER WHEAT, THE RATZ, ETC. However, Van’s ‘out there behavior’ on other shows after the Rollarena appearance cause many to abandon their interest in attending. Win some – lose some.

    Barry Carlos.

  8. Hey, very cool stuff…I was at the Modesto shows. Hung out after the first show with “Snoopy”(Alban Pfisterer), the drummer for Love. Near the end of the 2nd show, Van was wanting the band to “Give me some soul”. They kept starting Gloria and he kept on wanting “Some Soul”. Finally, upset, he nailed the organ player in the head with the mic stand!!! The curtain kinda dropped and that was it…Great show. I am a big Van fan and know Janet. Great stuff. I went on to a career in radio in the Modesto market as Kenny Roberts(Who wants to hear Kenny Tinkle at 10?!?)

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